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Friday, August 11th 4pm 


A Piratical Cosplay Adventure:  Part “Black Sails, Part “Goonies”…ALL Bisbee


A MAP which shews the Treasure Spot has come into our Hands.


Passage by FOOT only.  Passing through mud & swampgrass, & SUN and insects,

& in the forests there be beasts & UNSEEN ADVERSARYS.


The distance in be less than one-half mile.  This Adventure will TEST the strongest.

DO NOT come in your fine lace and FANCIES.  NAY!

PREPARE your self for HOT & WET tramping.  AYE!  Breeches and BOOTS.

Be Ready, as the Piratical Souls that you are — Pistols and Cutlashes.


As IS the Pirate Code — Equal Shares to the Survivors! 

With Extra shares of one-half for Lost limbs and Eyeballs!


The Q’terMaster and Crew will provide sustaining Food & Beverages,

befitting this BRAVE & STRENUOUS Undertaking.

An agreed upon PLEDGE of $25 dollars (American money) will support this Adventure.


To the first eight Healthy and Hearty Pirates (To be confirmed by the QuarterMaster).

DEPARTING PORT BISBEE FRIDAY AFTERNOON, the 11th of August, no later than 4 Ó Clock PM

Carpooling for 30 minutes to our place of disembarkation.

Anticipat’d Time of RETURN to PORT BISBEE — LUCK BE OURS — 7 Ó Clock Evening-time

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